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Over 25 years experience

Skulpturstøberiet has more than 25 years of experience in casting bronze sculptures.
We cast predominently in bronze and only using the ”Cire Perdue” method, but we also offer casting in aluminium, silver, stainless steel and cast iron.
Attention to detail is our trademark, whether it be a sculpture of 5 cm or a 5 metre statue.
All processes are carried out in close collaboration with the artist.

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Sculpture Service Center

A professional service center and bronze foundry for sculpture in Svendborg using the modern ”Cire perdue” method – Shell casting ”so your thoughts can be realised”.
We can implement your ideas from concept to finished work, or you can use us as advisors and partial suppliers of projects.

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We have been involved in many different types of jobs.
Everything from advice to execution of sculptures in bronze, aluminium and cast iron.
See references and videos.

We have the best customers.

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Good reasons to choose the Sculpture Foundry as your supplier

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  • High standards
  • Care is our hallmark, whether it is a sculpture of 5 cm. or a statue of 5 m.
  • All processes are carried out in close collaboration with the artist
  • Help for visualization and planning from idea to sale
  • We use the modern ‘Cire Perdue’ method – Shell Casting – ensuring accurate reproduction of your work
  • Best ratio price / quality
  • Scandinavia’s leading foundry


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