Public sculptures

Bronze and stone, often used for sculptures in public spaces, strong and beautiful materials with the proper care just becomes more beautiful with time, and lasts for many years to the delight of residents and tourists.
Public sculptures investment helps to give character and value to an area. The memorials and active players in the urban space.

But the materials also have enemies! Although they are very durable properties, they will over time also degraded by climate dueeskrementer, wear, vandalism, improper care, etc.
And it can go fast! Frost is mercilessly against wrong performed works. First there is crumbled joints away or opened a hole can degradation strongly and repairs is often more expensive.
Many sculptures and monuments have now been in the wind and weather for many years, and thus the danger is great for casting materials inside the bronze sculptures are rusted away. This increases the risk of falls. and it is a security risk municipality is responsible.

One should be careful with surface treatments. Performed without professional knowledge on the worst-case cause discoloration and blotches, whereby the artistic expression changed.
These monuments are part of our heritage and are under Kulturarvsstyrelsen protection. You should only use professionals who have knowledge of how to treat historical monuments, for maintenance.

Sculpture Foundry recommend coating with wax.
We work with Kunstkonserveringen – Danish museums center for the conservation of art.

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Example of successful service and maintenance by Skulpturstøberiet

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Service agreement

Get an ongoing service agreement with Skulpturstøberiet, then that fits on values.
There are two advantages of a service
1. The aesthetic value is retained
The thoughts artist has thought about shoulder trip expression and interaction with the environment drowns not wear, but is clearly year after year after gentle treatment.
2. Safety
There may be a risk of falling. There are examples of people who have been injured by sculptures that are overturned or crashed.
At the conclusion of an agreement we make an annual inspection of
public sculptures and makes plain. maintenance with
eg. cleaning and waxing.
Draw up a plan and budget by the need for greater
repair work.
Please contact us for details regarding service, repairs and maintenance

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Exposed location. Is hit regularly by snow clearance

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Undgå stoffer, der kan give misfarvning og skjolder, hvorved det kunstneriske udtryk ændres

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Salpeterudtræk. Den indre kerne er ikke fjernet godt nok

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Dårligt fugearbejde. Med rådgivning kunne problemet være undgået

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Undgå stoffer, der kan give misfarvning og skjolder, hvorved det kunstneriske udtryk ændres

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Manglende rustfri afstivning. Alvorlig fare for legemsbeskadigelse